How do you beat the Garden Master in ff8?

How do you beat the Garden Master in ff8?

Balamb Garden’s Master is weak against Wind. Junction Wind magic to Elem-Atk. NORG can use a variety of both elemental and status magic. Strengthen your resistance by junctioning Life and Shell to Elem-Def and Reflect and Esuna to ST-Def.

How do you beat Cerberus in ff8?

Strategy. Cast Reflect on everyone, then use Carbuncle to avoid all magic. Always dispel triple from Cerberus. If dispel is left alone, Cerberus will use 3 dispels on your team removing all reflects and forcing you to cast Carbuncle again.

How do you save rinoa ff8?

Rescuing Rinoa is as simple as entering the building. Pick her up and continue along with the story. After Rinoa rejoins the team they will hold a discussion about where to go next and they will settle on going to Edea’s House. Bring up the map and have the Ragnarok fly you over automatically.

Who built Balamb Garden?

Story. Balamb Garden SeeD Symbol. Founded 12 years ago by Cid and Edea Kramer, and funded by NORG, Balamb Garden was remodeled from an old Centra shelter by Estharian technicians allowing it to transform into a mobile form with the power of limited flight.

Who is the girl in the infirmary ff8?

While in Balamb Garden, Ellone comes across a wounded Squall in the infirmary, but he no longer recognizes her. Squall graduates to SeeD and during the graduation celebrations visits the Balamb Garden Training Center and runs into Ellone being attacked by a monster.

Is Cerberus optional ff8?

Cerberus is an optional boss in Final Fantasy VIII. Upon its defeat, Cerberus joins the party as a Guardian Force.

Where is Cactus Island ff8?

Cactuar Island is an island in Final Fantasy VIII located south of Esthar and just east of the Kashkabald Desert. It can be accessed by the Ragnarok, and is located off the south-eastern shore of the Kashkabald Desert.

How much HP does T Rex have in ff8?


1 10363 17
2 10732 19
3 11107 21
4 11488 24