How do I use logic with TouchOSC?

How do I use logic with TouchOSC?

Logic will add the device as a control surface and open the Control Surfaces Setup window….Adding TouchOSC as Control Surface in Logic

  1. Enable a connection and set Type to UDP.
  2. Click the Browse button and select the name of the computer running Logic.
  3. Enter a port number in the Receive Port field (ie 7000).

How does TouchOSC work?

When launched the application creates two virtual MIDI ports on your system named TouchOSC Bridge, one for receiving MIDI messages sent from, and one for sending messages to, the TouchOSC app. Using these ports any MIDI-capable application should be able to send and receive MIDI messages to and from the TouchOSC app.

How do I use touch OSC with Reaper?

Adding TouchOSC as a control surface in REAPER (Windows or OS X):

  1. Start TouchOSC on your device, and choose OSC from the Connections section.
  2. Note the REAPER host IP address, and enter that value in the TouchOSC host IP field.
  3. Note the TouchOSC local IP address, and enter that address in the REAPER Device IP field.

How do I send MIDI over WIFI?

Open Audio MIDI Setup on computer A, double-click the Network icon, and create a Session in the My Sessions box. Choose ‘Anyone’ in the ‘Who may connect’ list. On computer B, connect to A using the Directory box. Also on A, use the Live Routingsbox to send the MIDI hardware device’s output to the network.

Can Ableton receive OSC?

To get started with Ableton OSC messages you’ll need to download Ableton’s Connection Kit which contains a software called OSC Sender. This tool sends MIDI to a specific port on your network. After installing it you’ll find it under MIDI Effects, and you can double click to load onto a track like any other plugin.

What is Ableton link?

Link is a technology developed by Ableton that keeps Link-enabled applications in time over a local network. Link synchronizes musical beat, tempo, and phase across multiple applications running on one or more devices.

Can I use touchosc on the iPad to Control Logic Pro?

Make sure you check out our tut, Using TouchOSC on the iPad to Control Logic Pro. The Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol has been around since 2008. It was developed by the research center CNMAT, and has affirmed itself as a modern alternative to MIDI.

How do I connect livecontrol to touchosc?

So, if you completed all of the previous steps, you should have the LiveControl application open on your computer, and the TouchOSC app opened on your iPad, with your computer and iPad sharing the same network. On TouchOSC, tap the first button (in the “Connections” group), which will allow you to set the OSC host (LiveControl).

How do I change the controls in touchosc?

The core of TouchOSC is its templates, which display your controls graphically, and you can actually change and control them from the app. You can set the current template (or layout) in the initial options screen, clicking on the Layout button. The included templates are quite good, so you can stick with them for now.

Is there an online manual for touchosc bridge?

Complete online manual is provided for all platforms. TouchOSC Bridge is a standalone application that relays MIDI messages sent from TouchOSC to any MIDI capable application on your computer (and vice versa). TouchOSC Bridge is free to download and use.