How do I set up DAP?

How do I set up DAP?

Wi-Fi password (security key).

  1. Unbox your D-Link DAP-1650.
  2. Find an outlet near your wireless router and plug your extender in.
  3. Wait until the Power LED is solid green.
  4. Once you setup your extender you can move it if needed.

How do I connect my DAP 1360 to my router?

– Connect the repeater directly to the Router via a network cable. – Make a reset of the access point (DAP-1360) by pressing button (reset) to the right (next to one of the anten-nas) until the LED begins flashing. – Wait for about one minute for the computer to start again then begin with the configuration.

How do I connect my D Link 1330?

Plug the DAP-1330 into a wall outlet and wait until the Status/WPS LED is blinking amber. Push the WPS button on the source wireless router or AP, and then push the WPS button on the DAP-1330. The Status/ WPS LED will start to flash green.

How do I reset my Dlink DAP-1320?

D-Link Technical Support. Step 2: On the bottom of the DAP-1320 is a reset pinhole. Using a paperclip, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds (or until the LED on the front turns red), and then let go. The DAP-1320 will then reboot and be at factory default settings.

How do I setup my DAP 1325?


  1. Plug the extender into a power source close to your router.
  2. Wait for the Power LED of the extender to start blinking amber.
  3. Connect your computer to the Wi-Fi name and password printed on the Quick Installation Card, or on the device label of the device.

How do I set up ad link extender?

Step 1: Plug the DAP-1520 into a wall outlet within wireless range of your router. Step 2: open the wireless utility on your computer, select the name (SSID) of the DAP-1520 network, and enter the password (both of these are found on the included Wi-Fi Configuration Card).

How do I set up an ad link?

Setting up a D-Link Router

  1. Open the router in a new browser tab. Open your browser and navigate to, the default IP address of the D-Link router.
  2. Enter the D-Link router password.
  3. Setup a strong password.
  4. Select your Timezone.
  5. Configure your internet connection.

How do I set up my D-Link extender?

What is a D-Link DAP-1330?

Extend Your High-Speed Wireless Network. The N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender is a wall-plug Wi-Fi range extender that lets you extend an existing Wi-Fi network simply by placing it anywhere in your home.

How do I setup my d-link wifi extender DAP-1620?

Set up is simple with the D-Link Wi-Fi app and your smartphone. Alternatively, you can use one-touch configuration by pushing the WPS push-button on the DAP-1620 and on the router or access point you want to extend, and the DAP-1620 will automatically configure itself for you.