How do I reset my Worcester 24cdi boiler?

How do I reset my Worcester 24cdi boiler?

The appliance can be reset by pressing the reset button and holding in for 5 seconds. Check that the gas supply has not been interrupted. If this condition continues to occur, then call a service engineer.

Why does my Worcester boiler keep needing to be reset?

Common causes for regular breakdowns include a broken pump, a leak somewhere in the system, an electrical issue or a blocked heat exchanger. These will require a qualified engineer to fix them. If your boiler is more than twelve years old, you may need to consider replacing it.

How do I reset my Worcester boiler after a power cut?

If the electrical power to the boiler has been disrupted, there will be a reset fault condition. If you want to reset the boiler, you have to turn the central heating temperature knob anticlockwise and hold for five seconds.

Why is the reset button flashing on my Worcester boiler?

Slowly flashing blue light, and a flashing lockout reset button – This usually means that there is a lockout with the ignition. Make sure that there is gas present and that your boiler is at the right pressure levels. Next, you want to check the Combustion CO2 level.

Why is the reset button flashing on my boiler?

Usually, when modern boilers need resetting they will display a fault code or begin to flash a red or green light. These signals indicate that your boiler senses a problem, which is why it has stopped working and needs to be reset.

How do you reset a Worcester Bosch boiler?

When you need to reset your boiler, simply press and hold the reset button that can be found on the front of your boiler control panel. You need to hold the button down for 3-5 seconds to ensure that it is reset before re-checking the system to make sure it is working.

What does a red flashing light mean on a Worcester boiler?

What Does A Worcester Boiler Flashing Red Light Mean? Although a flashing blue light is most common, some Worcester boilers have a flashing red light. This usually indicates that your boiler needs servicing by a professional heating engineer.

Why does my Worcester boiler reset button flashing?

Where can I get a thermostat for my Worcester central heating appliance?

Refer to The Worcester Technical Department for more information – Tel: 08705 266241. 11.10. A radio frequency room thermostat is available for use with the appliance. 11.11.

What is the GC number for 24cdi and 35cdi?

INSTALLATION AND SERVICING INSTRUCTIONS 24CDi 28CDi 35CDiII GC NUMBER (N.G) 47 311 30 47 311 34 47 311 58 GC NUMBER (L.P.G.) 47 311 31 47 311 35 47 311 59

What is the size of 28cdi 35cdiii?

35CDi II Black 6.3mm tag White 4.8mm tag Red 2.8mm tag 28CDi 35CDiII 11 Fig. 10. Functional flow diagram. Mains indicator On/Off switch ST8 (L S ) ST8 (L

Where can I find the Bosch shop in Worcester?

Worcester, Bosch Group, Cotswold Way, Warndon, Worcester WR4 9SW. Telephone: 01905 754624. Fax: 01905 753130.