How do I refer a sheet name in Excel VBA?

How do I refer a sheet name in Excel VBA?

  1. To refer to a worksheet: Worksheets(“Sheet1”) or Sheets(“Sheet1”)
  2. Use the name of the sheet.
  3. To refer to the active worksheet: ActiveWorksheet.

How do I find the active sheet name in an Excel macro?


  1. Open an excel workbook.
  2. Press Alt+F11 to open VBA Editor.
  3. Insert a new module from Insert menu.
  4. Copy the above code and Paste in the code window.
  5. Select a cell F5 in active sheet.
  6. Goto code window and Press F5 to see the output.
  7. You should see output as shown above.
  8. Save the file as macro enabled workbook.

What does ActiveSheet mean in VBA?

The ActiveSheet is the worksheet tab that is currently selected before running the macro. If multiple sheets are selected, the ActiveSheet is the sheet that is currently being viewed.

What are active sheets in excel?

Similarly, the active sheet or current sheet is the worksheet containing the active cell. Like the active cell, the active sheet is considered to have focus when it comes to performing actions that affect one or more cells — such as formatting — and the changes occur to the active sheet by default.

What is the name of the active sheet?

What is Active Sheet in Excel VBA. Worksheet which is currently activated in the Active Workbook and Active Window is referred as Active Sheet. You can make any Worksheet as Active Worksheet by Activating a Worksheet. You can use Activate Method of Worksheet to activate a sheet using Excel VBA.

How do I insert a sheet name in a cell?

Quickly insert current sheet name in a cell with functions Just enter the formula of =RIGHT(CELL(“filename”,D2),LEN(CELL(“filename”,D2))-FIND(“]”,CELL(“filename”,D2))) in any cell and press Enter key, it shows the current worksheet’s name in the cell.

Where is the name box in Excel?

In Excel, the Name Box refers to an input box directly to the left of the formula bar. The Name Box normally displays the address of the “active cell” on the worksheet.

What is Excel active sheet?