How do I install Sophos endpoint protection?

How do I install Sophos endpoint protection?


  1. Download the Sophos installer for Windows.
  2. Double click the downloaded file to run the installer.
  3. Click Yes on the User Account Control dialog.
  4. The Sophos Endpoint Protection Installer will launch.
  5. When the installation is complete, the installer will request that you restart your computer.

How do I install Sophos endpoint protection via GPO?

Deploying SophosCentralInstall. ps1

  1. Open the Group Policy Management Console.
  2. Right-click on the organizational unit where you need to deploy the Sophos Central Endpoint, select Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here…
  3. Enter a GPO name.
  4. Right-click on the new GPO that you created select Edit…

What is Sophos Endpoint Defense?

Enhanced Tamper Protection prevents users or malicious applications from making changes to the installed Sophos Anti-Virus. It now protects files, registry keys, services, and processes. For more information, read Sophos Endpoint Defense: Overview.

How do I deploy a Sophos endpoint?

Deployment via email setup link

  1. Log in to Sophos Central Admin.
  2. Go to People and try any of the following: If there is an existing user, click its corresponding box then click the Email Setup Link button. If no user is selected and the same button is clicked, the email setup link will be sent to all existing users.

Where can you download and run the endpoint protection installer from?

Go to the Sophos download page. Select the standalone installer that suites the operating system of your device.

How do I manually install Sophos?

Installing Sophos Home on Windows computers

  1. Access the Sophos Home page to start the download.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded SophosInstall.exe file to run the installer (you will find it in your Downloads folder)
  3. On the User Account Control prompt, click Yes.
  4. Wait for the initial download to finish.

How does Sophos EDR add expertise and not headcount?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Built for both IT security operations and threat hunting, Intercept X detects and investigates suspicious activity with AI-driven analysis. Unlike other EDR tools, it adds expertise, not headcount by replicating the skills of hard-to-find analysts.

How do I disable Sophos endpoint Defense?

Managed by Sophos Enterprise Console

  1. Open the Sophos Enterprise Console.
  2. Under the Policies column, expand Anti-virus and HIPS.
  3. Right-click your concerned policy, then select View/Edit Policy.
  4. Click Web Protection.
  5. In Malware Protection, set the following to Off:
  6. Click the succeeding OK buttons.
  7. Expand Web control.

How does Sophos endpoint work?

Sophos endpoint protection integrates proven technology like malicious traffic detection with real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs to help you prevent, detect and remediate threats with ease. Web, application, and peripheral access policies can follow your users anywhere they go.

Where can you download and run the Endpoint Protection installer from?

How do I uninstall and reinstall Sophos endpoint?


  1. Click the Windows start button and click the gear icon for Settings.
  2. Click ‘Apps’.
  3. Scroll down the list of installed apps until you reach Sophos Endpoint Agent.
  4. Confirm the uninstall by clicking ‘Uninstall’.
  5. The uninstall process begins.
  6. A restart is required to complete the uninstall process.