How do I add a module to Ejabberd?

How do I add a module to Ejabberd?

3 Answers

  1. put your module into ejabberd/src folder.
  2. come to ejabberd directory in terminal and run command $ sudo make.
  3. it will show you that your module is compiled. Now run $ sudo make install.
  4. Add your module into config file at /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.yml.
  5. restart your ejabberd and your custom module will be running.

Does WhatsApp use Ejabberd?

WhatsApp uses Ejabberd (XMPP) server which facilitates instant message transfer between two or many users on a real-time basis. High reliability and sustainability even under peak traffic the reason why WhatsApp developers chose Ejabberd above anything else. ERLANG is the programming language used to code WhatsApp.

What port does Ejabberd use?

Firewall Settings

Port Description
5222 Standard port for Jabber/XMPP client connections, plain or STARTTLS.
5223 Standard port for Jabber client connections using the old SSL method.
5269 Standard port for Jabber/XMPP server connections.
4369 EPMD (see epmd) listens for Erlang node name requests.

Who uses Ejabberd?

Nokia’s Ovi uses ejabberd with some customizations. Major League Baseball offers instant messaging and chatrooms using a customized ejabberd. Mxit was a large server for mobile instant messaging client that started using ejabberd in 2005, but was replaced with a custom IM engine.

How do I connect to Ejabberd server?

There are several ways to install ejabberd Community Server: Linux RUN Installer – for any Linux….Autostart on Linux

  1. copy ejabberd. service to /etc/systemd/system/
  2. run systemctl daemon-reload.
  3. run systemctl enable ejabberd. service.
  4. To start the server, you can run systemctl start ejabberd.

Who is using Ejabberd?

Nintendo Switch uses ejabberd in its “Nintendo Switch Push Notification infrastructure” (NPNS) handling 10 million simultaneous connections.

What does ejabberd do?

ejabberd is a free and open source instant messaging server written in Erlang/OTP . ejabberd is cross-platform, distributed, fault-tolerant, and based on open standards to achieve real-time communication. ejabberd is designed to be a rock-solid and feature rich XMPP server.