How do I activate my RuneScape membership code?

How do I activate my RuneScape membership code?

How to redeem the code?

  1. Go to:
  2. Subsequently click on the option ‘Activate Pre-Paid Card’
  3. Log in at your RuneScape account.
  4. Enter the code at the option ‘Enter Pre-Paid Card Code’
  5. Confirm the order with the ‘Redeem’ option.
  6. Your subscription is now activated.

Can you play RS3 for free?

RuneScape is free-to-play, though subscribers get access to more quests, skills and other extras. You can check out the membership for free with a seven-day trial. The mobile versions support cross-play and cross-progression with PC, so you can hop between platforms and continue where you left off.

How much is a bond worth rs3?

15,000,000 coins

Value 15,000,000 coins
Alchemy Not alchemisable
On death Always kept
Weight 0.003 kg

How much membership does a bond give?

At any time, whether tradeable or untradeable, bonds can be redeemed for one of the following: Membership: 14 days for 1 bond. 29 days for 2 bonds (1 day extra compared to 2 bonds redeemed separately)

How do you get bonds RuneScape?

The life cycle of a bond consists of 3 Simple Stages; Purchase, Trade, Consume.

  1. Stage 1. Purchase. Purchase. Player A purchases a Bond from the Billing Page for real money.
  2. Stage 2. Trade. Trade. Player A and Player B agree a trade for the Bond in return for in game items, currency or as a gift.
  3. Stage 3. Consume. Consume.

Is there membership in Old School RuneScape?

The Old School RuneScape 1-Month Membership is a one-time purchase and is not recurring. Recurring memberships can only be purchased via the in-game interface.

Can you get Osrs membership free?

Click the bond icon on the minimap, and then choose to sign up for 1 month membership. After signing up you will have 7 days free membership. Make sure to cancel the subscription after signing up so you don’t get billed after the 7 days!

How much is oldschool RuneScape membership?


Package USD
Price AP
1 month $10.99
3 months $29.99 $8.67
12 months $99.99 $7.50