How did the Braxton family niece died?

How did the Braxton family niece died?

The medical examiner’s office in Maryland told Entertainment Tonight that Toni’s niece’s cause of death was heroin and fentanyl intoxication. At the time, the Braxton family still wished for peace during their mourning period.

Who died on the Braxton Family Values?

Singer Traci Braxton
NEW YORK – Singer Traci Braxton, who was featured with her family in the reality television series “Braxton Family Values,” died at age 50 on Saturday, March 12, 2022. Her sister, Toni Braxton, and family said Ms. Braxton died “this morning as the snow was falling.”

What loss did the Braxton family suffer?

Toni Braxton shared the news on Instagram Along with her husband, Traci had a daughter and the Braxton family suffers another recent tragedy, as her niece Lauren Braxton, 24, died of a heroin and fentanyl overdose in 2019.

Is Tamar coming back to Braxton Family Values?

Braxton Family Values is making a comeback, according to Tamar Braxton. The reality star and Grammy-nominated singer revealed her family’s show is returning to the small screen.

Who is Traci’s son?

Kevin Surratt Jr.
Kevin Surratt Jr. is the only child of musician Traci Braxton, and he is 26 years old at the moment. This year, he celebrated his birthday early. On the tenth of January each year, he receives birthday wishes and greetings from his family, friends, and coworkers.

Who daughter was Lauren Braxton?

The “Un-Break My Heart” singer paid tribute to Lauren, the daughter of her only brother, Michael Braxton Jr., on Instagram Wednesday. Her representative, Maureen O’Connor, confirmed to USA TODAY that Lauren died Monday in Maryland.

Who is Ashlee Braxton?

Ashlee Braxton is a niece of Toni Braxton and they have a nice>Braxton Family Values’ which chronicles lives of Braxton sisters – Toni, Tamara, Traci, Towanda and Trina along with their mother Evelyn. They also have an older brother- Michael Braxton Jr.

What is Tamar doing now 2021?

Braxton has since taken a break from reality TV altogether. During her break, she created a podcast called “Under Construction” and has been a guest on several talk shows. However, she made her first reality TV show appearance in August, not as a cast member, but as the host of the reunion show for “Baddies ATL.”

When did traci braxton get married?

Surratt and Braxton were married in 1996 and share a son, Kevin Jr., and a grandson, Kevin Surrat, III. The 26-year-old was one of the first to speak out, sharing an emotional post with a photo of him hugging his mother.