How did Kirsty MacColl from the Pogues die?

How did Kirsty MacColl from the Pogues die?

boating accident
Kirsty MacColl, whose sweetly ironic voice balanced the gruff romanticism of Shane McGowan in the Christmas classic A Fairytale of New York, has died in a boating accident.

Did you know she died in a speedboat accident?

In December 2000, Kirsty took her sons Jamie, 15, and Louis, 13, to Mexico on holiday. But while enjoying the break, Kirtsy died in a horrific accident.

Is Jean MacColl still alive?

May 16, 2017Jean Newlove / Died

Is Peggy Seeger Kirsty Mccolls mum?

MacColl came from a creative family Kirsty MacColl was the daughter of folk singer Ewan MacColl and Jean Newlove. By the time MacColl was born, her father was already in a relationship with folk singer Peggy Seeger and had a son with her, so Kirsty was raised by her mother in Croydon with her brother Hamish.

Which female singer was killed by a speedboat?

Singer Kirsty MacColl
The British singer Kirsty MacColl has died in a boating accident in Mexico. The 41year-old daughter of folk singer Ewan MacColl was struck by a speedboat while swimming off the coast, said a representative of her management company.

Which singer died in a boat accident?

But there is a heartbreaking story behind the song, a tragedy that occurred 13 years after it was first released. Singer Kirsty MacColl, who lent her voice to the festive hit, died in a horrific boating accident in 2000 in front of her children.

What was Kirsty MacColl injuries?

She was able to push him out of the way (he sustained minor head and rib injuries), but she was struck by the powerboat which ran over her. MacColl suffered severe chest injuries and died instantly.

Who was responsible for Kirsty MacColl death?

But this week, having finally exhausted all legal avenues to bring to justice the man she believes is responsible for the death, Guillermo Gonz├ílez Nova, one of Mexico’s wealthiest businessmen, Jean has abandoned the Justice for Kirsty campaign which has sustained her through intense grief.

Is Ewan MacColl still alive?

October 22, 1989Ewan MacColl / Date of death

Where was Kirsty MacColl from?

Croydon, United KingdomKirsty MacColl / Place of birth

Who died from the Pogues?

Kirsty MacColl
THE POGUES have paid tribute to the late, great Kirsty MacColl on the 20th anniversary her tragic death at the age of just 41. MacColl died on December 18, 2000, in Cozumel, Mexico, after being struck by a speedboat that had entered restricted waters where she was diving with her two sons and boyfriend.