How did berkeley balcony collapse?

How did berkeley balcony collapse?

The cause of the collapse was water intrusion that rotted the support beams in the deck of the balcony. Segue Construction had its license revoked in May 2017 by the California Contractors State License Board, according to an order issued in a settlement with the board.

How many survived the Berkeley balcony collapse?

The seven survivors – Aoife, Clodagh Cogley, Jack Halpin, Hannah Waters, Niall Murray and Sean Fahey, all aged 21, and Conor Flynn (22) – were left with life-changing injuries. Police officers who arrived on the scene at the Library Gardens apartments in the immediate aftermath were met with a scene of carnage.

Who survived Berkeley balcony?

Aoife Beary
Aoife Beary ’embraced life’ after surviving Berkeley Balcony collapse, mourners told. Aoife Beary, a survivor of the Berkeley Balcony collapse, was a person who “embraced life and all of its possibilities,” mourners at her Funeral Mass heard.

What year was the Berkeley tragedy?

Six Irish students were killed and several others were injured after a fourth-floor balcony collapsed at a 21st birthday party in Berkeley, California, in 2015, causing those on it to fall about 40ft (12.2. m) to the ground.

What injuries did Aoife Beary have?

Aoife endured unnatural, excruciating physical trauma. She suffered a traumatic brain injury, she required open-heart surgery. She suffered lacerations of the liver, kidney and spleen. She broke arms, hands, ribs, pelvis and her jaw.

Who died in the Berkeley balcony?

The victims who died were five Irish students — Eimear Walsh, Lorcan Miller, Niccolai Schuster, Eoghan Culligan, and Olivia Burke — and a young American woman, Ashley Donohoe, Ms. Burke’s cousin.

Who died in the Berkeley balcony collapse?

What Hsppened to Aoife Beary?

The 27-year-old, from Blackrock, Dublin, died on New Year’s Day at Beaumont Hospital following a stroke. She was one of seven students who survived the balcony collapse on June 16th 2015, at the Library Gardens apartments in Berkeley, California.

Is Aoife Beary in a wheelchair?

Trips out of the hospital to a restaurant allow them to adapt to living in a wheelchair and to see how they would cope. For Aoife Beary a serious brain injury has kept her in the rehabilitation trauma centre, where intensive-care and rehabilitation staff can manage her recovery.

What happened to Aoife Beary?