How big are the waves in Cardiff?

How big are the waves in Cardiff?

Current Surf Report for Cardiff Reef Current Conditions

Low 4:26AM 1.02ft
High 10:30AM 5.02ft
Low 4:53PM 0ft
High 11:18PM 4.66ft

Where is pipes surf break?

Pipes is a fun peaky surf break north of the campground, popular with swimmers, sunbathers and surfers alike. Cardiff Reef is a quaint beach park and surf spot on the south end of the campground where the cliffs end.

How do I get to Cardiff Reef?

The lineup at Cardiff Reef is easy to find, just a stone’s throw west from US 101. The Machester Exit from I-5 heads west before turning into San Elijo Ave. Just head north on San Elijo and when you see a couple dozen heads bobbing waiting for the next set to roll down the reef, congrats, you’ve arrived.

How big are the waves in Oceanside California?

Current Surf Report for Oceanside Current Conditions

High 4:56AM 4.33ft
Low 12:35PM 0.03ft
High 7:27PM 3.41ft

Where is Seaside Beach Cardiff?

State Beach
Seaside Beach is a sandy beach in Cardiff State Beach at the border between Solana Beach and the Cardiff-by-the-Sea area of Encinitas, CA. Cardiff State Beach is the long sandy strip along the west side of San Elijo Lagoon a large wetlands and ecological reserve.

Where do you park for beach pipes?

Free parking is available on Highway 101 and within the Pipes parking lot with a state park pass. Large sandy beach. There is a public infrastructure project underway that may limit access during high tide events between the Cardiff Reef Lot (north) and the Seaside Lot (south).

Is beacons a beginner surf spot?

Beacons: Beach break very friendly to beginners and intermediates with a really soft wave. You’ll find a left on the South end and a right on the North. This is a very slow and forgiving wave.

Is Cardiff reef a reef?

Cardiff Reef Surf Spot Overview It has been attracting families, groms, longboarders and elite surfers for decades. The wave itself is of course, a reef break.

How big is the surf in Carlsbad today?

Current Surf Report for Carlsbad Current Conditions

Low 2:51AM 1.18ft
High 8:56AM 5.51ft
Low 3:32PM -0.69ft
High 9:51PM 4.53ft

How big are the waves at Moonlight Beach?

Best Forecast Surf Conditions for Moonlight Beach this week:

Wave Type Time (PST) & Date Wave Height & Period
Next good surf (1 star+) 1PM (Sat 12th Mar) 1.5ft (0.4m) 16s
Best Surf 10PM (Sat 12th Mar) 2.5ft (0.7m) 17s
Most Powerful 2PM (Sat 19th Mar) 3ft (0.9m) 16s