How big are Odeon screens?

How big are Odeon screens?

The Odeon IMAX, Kingston. 15.2m wide x 7.23m with a total screen size of 110m² (97m² for a 2.39:1 film, 97m² for a 1.85:1 film) Seats 428.

What is a iSense screen?

iSense screens go from floor to ceiling and wall to wall to create the most visual impact. You also get a perfect view of the screen no matter where you sit in the cinema.

Is Odeon iSense any good?

This is isense. The cinema experience and sound is best I have experienced. It costs a bit more than normal screen but well worth it. The seats recline and are huge.

What is iSense in Odeon cinemas?

ISENSE cinema is ODEON Cinemas Group comprehensive Premium Class creation (comparable to IMAX, Dolby Cinema, VueXtreme, Screen X and others), which includes 4k laser projectors, Dolby ATMOS sound system, Large format screens and an exceptional and unique design of the cinema.

How big is an iSense screen?

ODEON iSense screen is 8 metres high by 16 metres wide. Most standard cinemas are usually somewhere in the region of 5 metres high and 11 metres wide.

Does ODEON have iSense 3D?

Dolby Atmos iSense is currently available in ODEON cinemas in Blanchardstown, Charlestown and the Point Village. For a full list of the films available in iSense visit ODEON Cinemas now .

What projectors do ODEON use?

The Sony VPL-VW320ES is one of the top 4K projectors on the market and certainly one that ProjectorPoint would recommend. It delivers true 4K resolution with incredible image quality and depth of colour.

What is companion seating in ODEON?

All wheelchair spaces are accompanied by a companion seat and all screens are fitted for infra-red enabling audio description (film specific) or extra amplification via headset. Odeon Putney also accepts the CEA card which entitles the holder to one free ticket for their carer.

Which is the biggest screen at ODEON Bournemouth?

iSense screen
IT spans the length of two double decker buses and will be the new big attraction for Bournemouth film-goers.