Does Zo growth factor serum work?

Does Zo growth factor serum work?

During a clinical study using ZO Growth Serum, around 95% of patients say that the topical growth factor serum positively affected their skin with improvements to their texture issues after just 8 weeks.

What does Zo growth factor do?

When used alongside retinol, ZO Skin Health Growth Factor Serum enhances results. Containing amino acids, Growth Factor Serum stimulates cellular function and reduces the degradation of collagen leaving you with restored elasticity and rejuvenated skin.

Is there retinol in Zo growth factor serum?

Retinol-free gel-like serum with growth factors and exclusive ZPRO® technology that targets the appearance of lines, wrinkles, eye creasing, and loss of volume.

Which growth factor serum is best?

As one of the best growth factor serums on the market today, we recommend SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Serum. Formulated with more than 450 growth factors, this anti-aging serum is proven to reduce wrinkle depth, as well as increase firmness making it one of the latest, greatest innovations in growth factor skin care.

Are growth factor serums safe?

Growth factors have piqued our interest for being a sensitive-skin-friendly alternative to retinol, as these pro-healing proteins are safe for more continued use and are non-corrosive to the stratum corneum—the outermost layer of the epidermis—and are gentle enough for sensitive skin types.

How long does Zo growth factor last?

In a 12-week clinical study of Growth Factor Serum, ZO® Skin Health found the following: 95% of patients reported improvement in texture and smoothness after 8 weeks. 78% of patients said skin appeared tighter and firmer after 12 weeks. 92% of patients reported improvement in overall appearance of the skin after.

Do any ZO products have hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic Acid It gives a smoother, dewier complexion. When you’ll see results: Hyaluronic Acid gets to work straight away, and can give the appearance of plumper skin in minutes. Some of our favourite hyaluronic acid products include Liprebuild and Hydrafirm.

How long does it take for growth factor to work?

4-6 weeks
Growth Factors have been derived from human, animal, and plant sources. They are usually delivered in a topical serum and applied to the skin once or twice daily. Results from treatment can be seen after 4-6 weeks of continuous use.

How do you use Bradceuticals?

DIRECTIONS : For best results apply Bradceuticals Anti-Aging Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth Factors Gold Serum twice daily to damp cleansed skin. RESULTS: While results may vary, some have seen overnight improvements in skin quality. Progress is best tracked with daily photos.

How long does ZO skin last?

ZO® Non-Hydroquinone Hyperpigmentation System with Brightenex™ and Ossential® Advanced Radical Night Repair for 6 months. ZO® Retinol Stimulation Peel performed once every 6 months (at-home treatment) for maintenance.