Does Webex have dial in numbers?

Does Webex have dial in numbers?

Global Call-In: Webex offers local toll and toll-free dial-in numbers in several countries. With this method, your attendees will dial phone numbers in their respective region(s) to connect to the teleconference.

Is Webex dial in free?

Toll-free calls are free for the participant, but the Webex site account subscriber pays the toll-free rate for the call.

How do I add phone numbers to Webex meeting?

From the customer view in, go to Servcies, and choose Calling > Numbers. Click Add Numbers. Choose a location from the Location drop-down menu.

What is dial in Webex?

In Webex App, you get assigned a calling option that works best in your organization or for your individual needs. So, when you make a call from the app, your calling experience depends on your account settings. You can make a call from many different places in Webex App.

How do I call a Webex number from India?

  1. When you join your meeting or event, click the audio connection options in the preview window.
  2. Select Call in from the list and join the meeting.
  3. Click Show all global call-in numbers in the Call In list.
  4. Select country and region or clear the selection and type in the name of the country or region.

How much does it cost to call a Webex meeting?

Access to Webex is free to all users, whether using a host account to schedule and hold meetings, or as an invited participant; when using your computer over a network connection, all voice and video is transferred via the network.

How do I find my phone number on Webex?

Sign in to and click Users on the navigation menu. Find and select the user. When the user details pane opens, open the Calling settings (different controls depending on the user’s calling type). You’ll see the user’s number/s.

What is the maximum number of participants in Webex?

You may have a total of 1000 participants with Webex Audio (Hybrid Audio), including both VOIP and Teleconference users….

Webex Service Type Capacity
Webex Meetings 1000
Webex Events (Classic) 3000

What is a one touch number?

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact OneTouch┬« Customer Care at 1-800-227-8862 and we’ll do everything we can to help resolve the problem.

How do you add a call in number to teams meeting?

Add a dial-in number for a meeting in Teams

  1. Schedule the Teams meeting from Outlook. Those meeting details are automatically included.
  2. Schedule the meeting from Teams, but make sure PSTN conferencing is turned on for your account. (Talk to your IT admin if you’re not sure.)