Does reply 97 have love triangle?

Does reply 97 have love triangle?

It can be said as love triangle between Shi Won, Yoon Jae & Yoon Tae Woong. After confession of Yoon Jae to Shi Won, he gives up on her in the year after 1997. But they again meet by coincidence after 14 years but this time Finally Shi Won confesses her love to Yoon Jae.

Does she was pretty have a love triangle?

12 She Was Pretty The female character is given a new job by accident at a fashion magazine. She then discovers the childhood friend to be the new editor of the magazine, hence her new boss. But two love triangles occur.

Is there love triangle in Reply 1988?

In “Reply 1988,” Deok Sun, played by Hyeri, is caught in the midst of a love triangle with two of her best childhood friends Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) and Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum). It was a mystery as to who Deok Sun would end up with, but it was obvious that there is a clear divide between the two sides.

Does cheese in the trap have a love triangle?

“Cheese in the Trap” is based on the successful webtoon written by Soonkki. The story involves college students who get entangled in a love triangle. Kim Go Eun plays Hong Seol, Park Hae Jin plays Yoo Jung, and Seo Kang Joon plays Baek In Ho.

Does Goblin have a love triangle?

Most of the time, Romance B creates a love triangle situation between the main characters to add (usually unnecessary) drama to the plot. Goblin, however, features two perfect relationships that don’t really conflict with one another, as they only build on the overall story and each other in the best ways possible.

Is School 2015 a love triangle?

Sweet yet painful love triangle story The love triangle involving Eun Bi with Gong Tae Kwang (Yook Sung Jae) and Han Yi An (Nam Joo Hyuk) was extremely devastating as viewers got torn between the two. There are lots of sweet moments of the female lead with both the male protagonists.

Is love between lovers a triangle?

Love Triangle: The main one is between Kang Doo, Moon Soo, and Joo Won, while the secondary one is between Moon Soo, Joo Won, and Yoo Jin. Missing Mom: Kang Doo’s mother died before the story started.