Does Aishiteruze baby have romance?

Does Aishiteruze baby have romance?

Aishiteruze Baby (愛してるぜ ベイベ★★, Aishiteruze Beibe★★, also known as I Love You, Baby) is a shōjo romance manga by Yoko Maki. It was serialized by Shueisha in Ribon from April 2002 and January 2005 and collected in seven bound volumes.

Who does katakura kippei end up with?

At the end of the manga, it is presumed that Kokoro and Kippei got married (which now makes her Kokoro Katakura) and they are still living under the same roof.

Is Aishiteruze Baby good?

Really good and if you have the patience to get through the first 14 episodes, you will find a series that was well worth your time. Overall: If you need an anime with superb art, an amazing score, and every character is likeable then this anime is not for you.

Is Aishiteruze Baby and Kare Kano worth watching?

Both Aishiteruze Baby and Kare Kano are slife of life anime. They tend to be comedic but among these kind of scenes you’ll find serious ones about the hardships of growing up and teenage angst. The featured couples develop quite a lot and they become more mature through the series.

What is Aishiteruze Baby about?

Aishiteruze Baby is a more serious and grounded family story with a hormonal male teenager who is appointed to take care of a girl who’s barely five years old. Both series are about teenagers growing up by the events brought about by a child unwittingly left to their care.

Is full moon and Aishiteruze Baby worth watching?

Full Moon wo Sagashite is filled with tradgedy and sad moments, Aishiteruze Baby less so, though enough to dampen the eyes of any one with a heart. Ofcourse, there are also happy and funny moments in both shows but it is the drama that makes them good.

Is Usagi Drop better than Aishiteruze Baby?

Usagi Drop is a josei version of the shoujo Aishiteruze Baby and this can be felt in the script, however, Aishiteruze Baby has equally mature themes, if not more so, on offer. Both generally blend slice-of-life and drama with great character interaction.