Do they still make Flutie Flakes?

Do they still make Flutie Flakes?

Rejoice, Buffalo Bills fans, because a popular treat from your childhood is about to make a huge comeback. After a 20-year hiatus, “Flutie Flakes” will return to store shelves soon.

What is the value of Flutie Flakes?

Flutie Flakes

Nutritional value per 3/4 Cup (31 grams)
Carbohydrates 28 (9%)
Sugars 31 g
Dietary fiber <0 g
Fat 0 mg (0%)

Who stomped on the Flutie Flakes?

Johnson decided to send the letter after learning Flutie was upset, Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene said yesterday. The celebration in the Dolphins’ locker room followed their 24-17 playoff victory Saturday over Buffalo. Johnson crushed a box of Flutie Flakes, and his players then stomped on the cereal.

Who makes Flutie Flakes?

PLB Sports
The 20th anniversary edition of Flutie Flakes, produced by Pittsburgh-based PLB Sports, will be available at Wegmans and FYE stores late next week, with portions of the proceeds going to the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. The cereal also can be purchased online.

What does Doug Flutie do now?

Since leaving the NFL, Flutie has kept himself relatively busy. He calls Notre Dame football games, competed on Dancing With The Stars and even has a video game, Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football, named after him. In addition to his athletic accomplishments, Flutie also plays the drums in The Flutie Brothers Band.

What year was Doug Flutie on the Wheaties box?

Product Description. A generic frosted corn flake cereal packaged to feature quarterback Doug Flutie. The cereal debuted while Flutie was playing for the Buffalo Bills in 1998. A percentage of the proceeds went to the Doug Flutie Jr.

Was Doug Flutie on a Wheaties box?

Opened 2007 Wheaties Cereal Box with Doug Flutie on Box Cover.

What nationality is Doug Flutie?

Doug Flutie/Nationality
Douglas Richard Flutie (born October 23, 1962) is an American former football quarterback whose professional career spanned 21 seasons.

What’s Doug Flutie doing now?

Who did Doug Flutie play for?

Flutie’s 12-year NFL tenure included stints with Chicago (1986-87), Buffalo (1998-2000), San Diego (2001-04) and New England (1987-89, 2005).

Did Doug Flutie play in the NFL?

Flutie, 43, accounted for 64,938 yards of total offense in his professional career, compiling 58,179 passing yards and 6,759 rushing yards while playing in the NFL (1986-89, 1998-2005), USFL (1985) and CFL (1990-97). The 1984 Heisman Trophy winner played in 92 NFL games with 66 starts and compiled a record of 38-28 (.