Do DeWalt 18V batteries fit all DeWalt tools?

Do DeWalt 18V batteries fit all DeWalt tools?

DeWalt 18v batteries are compatible with the whole DeWalt XR range, meaning that you could potentially take care of your needs with just two; one in use and one on charge.

What is XRP DeWalt?

DeWalt XRP is a line of cordless tools that utilize high-capacity Lithium-Ion batteries. The XRP line was completely redesigned from its predecessors, for improved performance, longer run time between charges and longer overall life of the batteries.

Are all DeWalt XR batteries interchangeable?

The XR line of batteries according to DeWalt last 33% longer than the 20v “max” line of batteries of the same size. XR tools and XR batteries are two totally different things. XR tools and batteries are the top of the line and are interchangeable with the “max” line of tools and batteries.

Is DeWalt 18V obsolete?

It’s official – Dewalt announced today that their 18V NiCad cordless power tool system will be discontinued, and they expect for remaining NiCad batteries to be phased out by March 2022. Dewalt also notes that their 18V XRP Li-ion battery (DC9180) has already been discontinued.

Can I use 20V battery on 18V Dewalt?

Features. Allows for use of 20V MAX* Liithium Ion batteries in most 18V DEWALT tools. Requires use of 20V MAX* DEWALT charger. Do not use with premium DEWALT batteries in DC970 or DC759 tools.

Can you use a 54V battery on a 18V tool?

World’s first convertible 54V battery pack is compatible with existing 18V power tools – eeNews Power.

How many mAh are DeWalt 18v batteries?

1500 mAh
Dewalt DC9096 Battery 18 Volts, 1500 mAh, 27 Wh.

Can you leave DeWalt batteries on charger?

DOES IT HURT DEWALT BATTERIES TO LEAVE THEM IN THE CHARGER? No. The DEWALT chargers have a maintenance mode which allows batteries to remain in the charger, maintaining a fully charged pack until the user is ready to work.

What do I do with old DeWalt batteries?

Old batteries should be disposed of at DEWALT Service Centers. For more information call 1-800-8-BATTERY or 1-800-8-228-8379.

Is DeWalt 20V and 18V the same?

20V MAX is the Same as 18 Volts Nominal – Proven by DeWalt Look for the DeWalt asterisk. 20V Max equals 18V nominal voltage. On both DeWalt and Craftsman tools, you’ll notice their packaging marked 20V MAX*.