Did Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy get along?

Did Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy get along?

Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio have a beautiful yet underrated friendship. The duo had been friends for a long time and starred in movies including The Revenant and Inception. So much so, in Leonardo’s 2016 Oscar speech, the Titanic actor gave a shoutout to Hardy.

Did Tom Hardy star in The Revenant?

The Revenant is a 2015 American epic survival drama film directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu….The Revenant (2015 film)

The Revenant
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio Tom Hardy Domhnall Gleeson Will Poulter
Cinematography Emmanuel Lubezki
Edited by Stephen Mirrione

Is Tom Hardy brother of Leonardo DiCaprio?

Leo even gave his “brother Tom” a sweet shout-out in his 2016 Oscars speech, saying, “Tom, your fierce talent on screen can only be surpassed by your friendship off screen.” As if that wasn’t cute enough, Tom recently honored his friend by getting a tattoo that reads “Leo knows all” on his bicep after losing a bet.

Who is Tom Hardy’s best friend?

@struck_by_tom_hardy on Instagram: “A little throwback of Tom with best friend Kelly Marcel and wife Charlotte!

Is Tom Hardy a difficult actor to work with?

Tom Hardy admits the rumors of him being difficult are true Hardy has had a rumor following him that he’s difficult to work with. It’s something that his Mad Max Fury Road co-star, Charlize Theron, can attest to. While filming the movie, Theron admits to arguing with her co-star constantly.

Is Tom Hardy in Titanic?

When conversation led to the topic of Leo’s role in epic romance Titanic, Hardy said: “I cried during The Titanic movie.” “I would avoid that movie for a long time. I ended up watching it. I’d never tell [Leo] that, he’s never going to find out.

Who looks like Tom Hardy?

Bloke Who Looks Like Tom Hardy Receives ‘Hundreds’ Of Messages Every Day. Keify Bankhead says he was compared to the Hollywood star around seven-years ago by a pal, but since joining TikTok has been flooded with messages and even marriage proposals from people who think he looks just like the actor.