Did Comet go out of business?

Did Comet go out of business?

Comet, which was once the UK’s second largest electrical retailer with 240 stores, collapsed into administration in 2012 after being hit hard by the recession.

Who bought Comet?

OpCapita bought Comet last year for the nominal sum of £2, but the business has struggled in the consumer downturn.

Why did Comet close down?

The closure of the final Comet stores comes after Deloitte failed to find a buyer for the company. It is unclear what will become of the Comet brand, with one possibility being a sale to an online retailer, similar to the fate of Woolworths. Kesa Electricals was renamed Darty in July this year.

Did Currys buy Comet?

Dixons Retail, the owner of Currys and PC World, said it will “benefit” from the demise of rival Comet.

What year did Comet close?

December 18, 2012Comet Group / Ceased operations

How long has Comet been closed?

Electrical retail chain Comet folded in late 2012, ending 80 years in business. All 236 stores were closed. Comet was owned by Darty, wich used to be called Kesa Electricals.

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When did the store Comet close?

Are Argos and Currys the same company?

DSG International, which owns Currys and PC World, and Home Retail Group, which owns Argos and Homebase, both reported falls in sales for the three months to January 10.

Are Currys closing down?

No stores will close, and the group’s international brands will remain unchanged. The move will spell the end of the Dixons and Carphone Warehouse brands, which will disappear from the high street and online after years of trading.