Did BP apologize for the oil spill?

Did BP apologize for the oil spill?

HOUSTON (Reuters) – BP CEO Tony Hayward, on the front lines of his company’s battle to contain the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill, apologized on Wednesday for saying he wants “my life back.”

What did BP say about the oil spill?

A lawyer for BP told the U.S. District Court in New Orleans that the company did not misrepresent the oil flow and followed U.S. standards before and after the spill, the worst marine pollution disaster in the United States.

What did Tony Hayward do?

Hayward was chief executive of BP in 2010 when the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig killed 11 workers and spilled millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. At the height of the spill, Hayward attracted criticism said: “I’d like my life back.”

What is Tony Hayward doing now?

Tony Hayward, who was ousted from the company after the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the US Gulf of Mexico in 2010, is currently chairman of commodity giant Glencore.

When did Tony Hayward leave BP?

BP today announced that, by mutual agreement with the BP board, Tony Hayward is to step down as group chief executive with effect from October 1, 2010. He will be succeeded as of that date by fellow executive director Robert Dudley.

How did BP respond to the disaster?

BP’s response was prompt and unequivocal. In just over two hours, oil skimming vessels were on the scene and the company’s crisis team was in the air. And within 24 hours there were 36 BP specialists on-site.

What did Tony Hayward do wrong?

In an interview with the BBC a month ago, chief executive Tony Hayward attempted to shift the blame for the accident to the US owner of the sunken rig, Transocean. “This was not our accident … This was not our drilling rig This was Transocean’s rig.

Who was fired after BP oil spill?

Associated Press. Bob Dudley, the Mississippi native who oversaw the aftermath of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill after BP fired its CEO, will retire next year as chief executive of the British oil company.