Can you stay in Colditz?

Can you stay in Colditz?

Colditz Castle is now a youth hostel and open to anybody. Rooms at Colditz are dorm rooms with bunk beds sleeping four or six people, all rooms are ensuite. There are a few family rooms with a double bed for parents.

What is Colditz castle used for now?

With renovations largely completed, the castle now includes both a museum and guided tours showing some of the escape tunnels built by prisoners of the Oflag during the war.

How many prisoners escaped from Colditz Castle?

32 men
But despite its “escape proof” label, the Gothic building witnessed 174 attempts by its troublesome, spirited inmates. Nevertheless, just 32 men were ever successful – and only half of these managed the feat from within the castle.

Where was the Colditz Story filmed?

Filming Locations (2) Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK (studio) (studio: made at Shepperton Studios, England.)

Where was Colditz filmed?

Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK (studio) (studio: made at Shepperton Studios, England.)

How many prisoners were there in Colditz?

Yet, through ingenious tunneling and various ruses, prisoners on some 130 occasions managed to clear the fortress grounds. A total of 32 prisoners managed to reach the frontier without recapture.

How many died escaping from Colditz?

one fatality
Although people did actually escape from Colditz and return to their homeland, most of the escape attempts failed. There was however only ever one fatality, that of British Lieutenant Michael Sinclair, who was killed in September 1944.

Where to stay in Colditz?

If the castle youth hostel is full or doesn’t suit, the only other hotel in the Colditz town is the Pension Zur Alten Stadtmauer, website . This is just off the main square.

How to visit Colditz Castle and Museum?

For castle tours and museum opening times see and look for the English section at lower left. You can usually wander freely into the castle’s outer & inner courtyards any time except at night, but Colditz museum has defined opening hours and if you want to see inside the castle you’ll need a tour.

Where is Colditz youth hostel located?

Colditz youth hostel is located in the former Kommandantur, up these steps and through the central door in middle distance. Above right, the youth hostel canteen where dinner and breakfast are served…

How to get from Berlin to Colditz?

It’s possible to visit Colditz as a day trip from Berlin or Dresden. In this case, simply buy a ticket from Berlin, Dresden or any German city to Leipziger Str., Colditz from as little as €19 each way using and print out your own ticket.