Can you colony breed love birds?

Can you colony breed love birds?

Some lovebird species can be bred in a colony setting. The white eye-ring group of lovebirds are particularly well suited to colony breeding. This being said, the peach-faces are equally easy to breed in an aviary / communal setting – particularly if there was plenty of room for all.

What is Ino mutation in lovebirds?

NSL Ino originated in A lilianae, and is a transmuted mutation via A personatus. The mutation is an autosomal recessive mutation, meaning that you need the gene in both parents in order to get a visual baby. When combined with Blue we get a White bird with Red Eyes, also referred to a Albino.

Can a Fischer lovebird mate with a peach face?

Hybrids produced by the pairing of a rosy-faced lovebird (or peach-faced lovebird) with one of the “eye-ring” species (i.e. those species which have a prominent area of white bare skin encircling the eye, Fischer’s lovebird being a typical example) are usually sterile, whereas crosses between the “eye-ring” species are …

Can you breed black masked lovebirds with Fischer lovebirds?

Hi Roger, It sounds like both of your birds are color mutations of the black masked lovebird. There is only one natural color and the rest of the colors are achieved through selective breeding of birds with various color mutations. So yes, you can breed the birds if they are unrelated.

Can lovebirds crossbreed?

Yes. While there are many lovebird species, they all belong to the same genus and are quite similar. However, while they can create hybrids, not all will be fertile.

How do you breed a Fischer lovebird?


  1. Fischer’s lovebirds, like other lovebirds in the genus Agapornis, mate for life.
  2. The mating ritual takes place when a male bird approaches a female, sidling back and forth, while bobbing his head up and down and twittering.
  3. There are viable, wild hybrids of A.
  4. Fischer’s lovebirds are cavity nesters.

What is double factor in lovebirds?

When Violet Factor is present in a Green series bird, it is referred to a Violet Green, two Dark Factors is reffered to as Double Factor Violet Green. In the Blue series, a Single Violet Factor is known as Violet and a Double Dark Factor is known as Double Factor Violet or Visual Violet.

What is a mutation in birds?

In birds, the term “Color Mutation” refers to a bird whose feathers exhibit a different color than you would normally find in the wild.

How can I encourage my lovebirds to breed?

Breeding birds need a nutritionally balanced diet – a loose seed mix is not adequate. They also need chopped veggies and fruits, dark leafy greens, cooked eggs and multi grain bread. They need a large cage with the nest box affixed to the outside as high as possible. They also need a lot of privacy.

What is bird mutation?

In birds, the term “Color Mutation” refers to a bird whose feathers exhibit a different color than you would normally find in the wild. …