Can you buy alcohol on Good Friday Australia?

Can you buy alcohol on Good Friday Australia?

You are not permitted to sell takeaway alcohol on Good Friday. Patrons can buy alcohol for consumption on the premises together with a meal for 1 hour before, during and 1 hour after eating their meal.

Can you purchase alcohol on Good Friday?

The prohibition on the sale of alcohol on Good Friday was lifted in 2018, meaning pubs and shops could sell drinks on this day for the first time since 1927.

Can you buy alcohol on Good Friday in Sydney?

Clubs, pubs, small bars, cafes and restaurants can now sell takeaway food and alcohol this Good Friday and ANZAC Day in a move to help businesses impacted by COVID-19. Liquor & Gaming NSW and NSW Fair Trading have issued a Statement of Regulatory of Intent to allow the changes.

Can you buy alcohol on Good Friday Melbourne?

Packaged liquor licensees cannot trade on Good Friday unless it is specified on your licence. Producers licensees can supply liquor on Good Friday between 10am and 11pm.

Can you buy alcohol on Good Friday in NSW?

NSW has strict laws on alcohol sales on Xmas and Good Friday, which boil down to the following: absolutely no takeaway alcohol, and licensed venues can only serve on premises from midday-10pm. So, in other words, bottleshops are closed.

What is open on Good Friday Qld?

Independent retail shops must remain closed on Good Friday except if they are a predominantly food and/or grocery store, which can trade unrestricted. However, specific trading hour restrictions apply for licensed premises. For more information, read Trading hours for liquor licensees.

Can you buy alcohol on Easter weekend?

It is forbidden to sell alcohol on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, unless it comes with a meal. This means you can drink at a bar if you’re also eating, but you can’t buy a six-pack from a liquor store.

What time can you buy alcohol in Dunnes?

For off-licences (including supermarkets), alcohol can be sold at these hours: Monday to Saturday from 10:30am to 10:00pm. Sunday and St Patrick’s Day from 12:30pm to 10:00 pm.

Can you buy alcohol on Good Friday NSW?

Can you buy alcohol on Easter Sunday NSW?

Easter liquor trading hours 2021 Good Friday and Easter Sunday are restricted trading days under the Retail Trading Act 2008 and retail trading may not be permitted on both days under separate retail trading laws depending on the type of business you operate, size and location.

What is open Good Friday Melbourne?

Other attractions that remain open on Good Friday include the Melbourne Zoo, Eureka Skydeck, and the Melbourne Aquarium.

What time can you buy alcohol in NSW?

Drink restrictions Takeaway alcohol sales for certain licensed premises to be extended from 11pm to midnight on Monday through to Saturday, and from 10pm to 11pm on most Sundays.