Can I take a handbag as well as hand luggage on an easyJet flight?

Can I take a handbag as well as hand luggage on an easyJet flight?

Each passenger can bring a small cabin bag (maximum size 45 x 36 x 20cm) on-board when travelling with easyJet with no weight limit. It includes items like a small trolley case, handbag, rucksack and laptop bag. There is no weight limit on small cabin baggage.

How do I add extra luggage?

You can buy excess baggage while booking your ticket or thereafter through manage my booking option and carry more than your free baggage allowance. This will give you a hassle-free experience at the airport. You can also buy excess baggage at our city offices or through our 24 x 7 contact center.

Can I take a bum bag on easyJet?

It’s worth noting that, if you’re randomly allocated an Extra Legroom or Up Front seat , you’ll only be allowed to take one small underseat bag. So you can’t escape that extra fee!

How early does easyJet bag drop open?

Re: EasyJet baggage drop off-how long before the flight? Bag drop; this will open 3 hours before departure and close 60 minutes before departure.

How do I add hold luggage to an Easyjet flight?

Good luck. You should easily be able to add “hold luggage” to your booking using the EasyJet website. There’s a category in the “Manage Bookings” section for adding hold baggage. If you click on that tab, it will bring up a sign-in window, where you can check a box that says “Someone else made the booking”.

How do I add hold luggage to my booking?

Adding hold luggage to your booking. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is online or via our App when you book your flights. You can also add them after you’ve booked in Manage Bookings, or during online check-in. You can also do it at the airport, but it does cost a little more.

How much checked baggage can I buy on easyJet?

EasyJet Checked Baggage. Passengers can buy up to three hold bags. A standard hold bag is 23kg, however, you can buy extra weight in 3kg units, up to a maximum of 32kg per bag. No single item can weigh more than 32kg, or exceed the maximum total size of 275cm. Baggage can be purchased online, over the phone,…

How do I select my seats on easyJet?

These seats can be selected at the time of booking, or at any time before you check-in via Manage bookings, or by contacting our Customer Services Team. easyJet Plus cardholders and customers who have bought a FLEXI fare can also bring two bags on board. See table below for full details. We check bag sizes before you board.