Can I put colloidal silver in my cats water?

Can I put colloidal silver in my cats water?

Colloidal Silver is great for treating cats and dogs as it doesn’t have a strong odour and is not harmful to them if you put it on their fur. Great results have been noted when using Colloidal Silver for coughs and colds, hoof abscesses, eye infections, ‘Seedy Toe’, over-reach injury and greasy heel infections.

Can I give my cat colloidal silver for a cold?

As with all forms of medicine, if not over-used or if used as intended, then colloidal silver is very safe for cats and dogs of all ages.

How do I apply colloidal silver to my cat?

It will feel soothing to your pet while it helps to heal the skin by repairing any tissue damage. When treating wounds with colloidal silver, simply apply with a cotton ball or swab and clean the wound. For skin conditions, you can apply a compress to the area or spray colloidal silver directly onto the area.

Is silver Shield safe for cats?

Colloidal silver is safe for both people and pets.

Can colloidal silver cure kennel cough?

People have used Colloidal Silver to cure virusses like Kennel Cough and Parvo in Dogs: Given to them orally, up to five times a day if the dog is very ill, until the dog’s appetite is back and Parvo symptoms are gone.

What’s the difference between colloidal silver and chelated silver?

In colloidal silver, finely divided particles of silver are in suspension (or floating) in liquids – and are not evenly dispersed. In CHELATED SILVER™, the silver ions are chemically bonded to nonmetallic ions, and are therefore evenly dispersed throughout the solution.

What is colloidal silver best for?

They claim it can boost your immune system, ease chest congestion, and treat or prevent viral infections like the common cold or COVID-19. You might also hear that colloidal silver helps treat conditions like cancer, HIV and AIDS, shingles, herpes, or eye problems.

How do you get rid of kennel cough in cats?

Treatment for Kennel Cough in Cats Commonly, treatment includes antibiotics, cough suppressants, and/or immune system supplements for cats. Kitties with severe symptoms or pneumonia may require hospitalization and more intensive care.

Is colloidal silver antifungal?

Colloidal silver is said to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, but no research supports these benefits. As such, this product shouldn’t be used to treat medical conditions.

What is a good ppm for colloidal silver?

10 to 15 ppm
Do a little research and you’ll find that for drinking colloidal silver 10 to 15 ppm is recommended. As for the spray, it makes an excellent anti-bacterial.