Can a hairdresser fix a cowlick?

Can a hairdresser fix a cowlick?

Consult a Professional If you want to fix a cowlick, then just get yourself to a barber or salon. Novel idea, we know, but if you let a professional handle it, then he or she can snip, texturize, or train the hair in a way that minimizes the cowlick—or perhaps removes it altogether.

How can I cover up a cowlick?

Gels and pomade can work in your favor on making the cowlick lay as you want it to. While hair is wet, apply gel through the hairs in the cowlick and make sure to get the gel all the way to the roots. Styling product would be a great idea to help the hair hold into place with a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment.

How do you train your hair to lay down in a new direction?

You have to train your hair to grow the desired direction you want it go. In order to train your hair, you have to brush your hair “repeatedly” the direction you want. It’s going to take patience, and persistence, but it can be done. Brush your hair as much as you can daily, you can never brush too much.

Do bangs work with a cowlick?

Wispy Bangs Your cowlick hairstyle doesn’t have to hide your cowlick. Instead, you can embrace it and let it work in your favor. “Try a center part and allow the cowlick to separate your bangs for a carefree and easy fringe style,” says Gillen.

How common are cowlicks?

Cowlicks are very common. A study conducted in 1972 showed 94% of newborns in the US had them. But here’s the thing: you might not always be able to tell if someone has a swirl. Long hair makes cowlicks hard to detect, as do certain hair textures.

Are front cowlicks hereditary?

It’s true. And once you’re born with a cowlick, you’re pretty much stuck with it… unless you lose your hair! Scientists who have studied cowlicks believe your genes play a big role in determining how many cowlicks you have and where they are on your head.