Can 13 year olds go to anime conventions?

Can 13 year olds go to anime conventions?

Generally, if your child is above the age of 13, well behaved, and traveling with a group of trusted friends, it’s probably fine for them to attend the convention without you. Is my child safe? Anime cons are generally very safe environments.

What is the biggest anime convention in the US?

Anime Expo, or AX for short, takes place in Los Angeles, with over 115,000 people coming in. It’s the largest convention in North America.

Can you go to an anime convention?

There are many anime conventions throughout the world and in North America. Some cons are massive events with thousands of people in attendance for several days of fun. Others are smaller events where you have a smaller crowd and can experience the con in a few hours.

How much do anime conventions usually cost?

Select a convention based on your budget. Smaller anime conventions usually cost around $30 for a pre-registered badge. Larger conventions can cost $50-$60 for a badge.

Can a 14 year old go to a anime convention?

Ages 14-17: Anyone 14 and older must purchase a 4-day or 1-day general attendee badge. Attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult to pick up their badge. We recommend attendees ages 14-17 have a parent or guardian close by for the duration of the event.

Can 12 year olds go to anime conventions?

Absolutely not. Not only is it against most convention rules (most require children to be at least 13 years old and some even require children to be 16 in order to not require adult supervision), but there are so many things that can go wrong.

Can a 10 year old cosplay?

2. “Can kids cosplay?” A resounding YES. Children can cosplay and even do a good bit of the work that is involved in creating costumes and characters.

How old do you have to be to go to an anime convention?

Attendees age 13 years old and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18 for the duration of their time at the event. Child badges can be purchased with a 4-day or 1-day general attendee badge.

How do I budget for Anime Expo?

If you are going to an anime convention, you should plan to budget at least $500-$1000. The final cost can vary significantly based on the size of the event, the type of transportation you take, the hotel you stay at, and the number of people you share expenses with.