Are ultralase and Optimax the same?

Are ultralase and Optimax the same?

Ultralase is the sister company to Optimax Clinics Ltd; who together make up the Eye Hospitals Group.

How much is laser eye surgery in the UK?

Despite its growing popularity, laser eye surgery remains relatively expensive and on average laser eye surgery costs around £1,000 per eye….How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost At A Private Clinic?

Laser Eye Surgery Type Starting Price (Per Eye)
LASIK From £595
LASEK From £795

How painful is Lasek?

For patients having LASEK or TransPRK, there is no pain during the surgery as the surface of the eye is typically completely numbed by local anaesthetic drops.

Is bladeless LASIK safer?

Bladeless LASIK offers the safest, most consistent technology for the procedure, but other health complications, like glaucoma, can affect which decision is right for you.

Who took over ultralase?

After going into administration, in 2013 Ultralase was acquired by Optimax founder and CEO Russell Ambrose for £10m.

What are the negatives of laser eye surgery?


  • Dry eyes. LASIK surgery causes a temporary decrease in tear production.
  • Glare, halos and double vision. You may have difficulty seeing at night after surgery, which usually lasts a few days to a few weeks.
  • Undercorrections.
  • Overcorrections.
  • Astigmatism.
  • Flap problems.
  • Regression.
  • Vision loss or changes.

Can you see after laser eye surgery?

After having laser eye surgery, you’ll naturally be keen to see results as soon as possible, but it’s important to note that improvements in vision will develop over time. If you have LASIK surgery, you could start to see results in as little as 24 hours.

Is pain normal after LASIK?

Severe pain after LASIK surgery is extremely rare and should not be expected in general. However, some minor discomfort and soreness are to be expected. This discomfort could take the form of itchiness or even burning; more commonly, patients feel a sensation similar to the presence of a foreign object in the eye.

What does Ultralase do?

Ultralaseis a healthcarecompany based in the Leeds, England, it specialises in vision correction through laser eye surgery. Contents 1Overview and history 2Concerns raised in parliament 3Controversy 4Services 5References 6External links Overview and history[edit]

Why choose Ultralase laser eye surgery?

At Ultralase, we have no hidden costs in addition to our fixed prices. In many cases, the cost of eye tests, new glasses, or monthly payments for contact lenses and contact lens solutions can start to add up. Laser eye surgery, however, is a longer-term solution with one fixed cost – saving you more money in the long run.

Is Ultralase still in business?

Ultralase was purchased by 3ifollowing the £175m purchase from Corporacion Dermoestetica in January 2008,[2]who had bought the business in May 2005 for £29m. [3] After going into administration, in 2013 Ultralase was acquired by Optimaxfounder and CEO Russell Ambrosefor £10m. [4] Ultralase is currently part of the Optimax group of companies.

What is Ultralase tattoo removal?

Ultralase is a powerful device that will deliver highly effective and long lasting tattoo removal results in addition to results-driven Carbon Facials The Global Beauty Group’s exclusive UltraLASE laser tattoo removal machine features top quality componentry and is distinguished by its quality.