Are Ridgeback guinea pigs friendly?

Are Ridgeback guinea pigs friendly?

Ridgeback Guinea Pig – A Summary The Ridgeback is laid-back, friendly, and inquisitive, especially when handled well from a young age.

How big do Ridgeback guinea pigs get?

12 inches
When it comes to size, Ridgeback guinea pigs are the smallest with some adults being only five inches long. However, many Ridgeback guinea pigs can grow up to 12 inches in size.

What is a ridgeback guinea pig?

Abyssinian Ridgeback If an Abyssinian guinea pig only has two instead of four whorls on its body, the fur on its back doesn’t fall down to the sides, but stands upwards or forwards. This creates a “comb”, and the guinea pig can be called a “Ridgeback”. There’s also a dog with a similar name: the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

What is the most rare guinea pig breed?

The rarest species of guinea pig is the Santa Catarina’s guinea pig Cavia intermedia, which is found exclusively on the tiny island of Moleques do Sul, in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

Which type of guinea pig is best?

As the most common breed, the American Guinea Pig by default wins the popularity contest. They are known for their great temperament and also get along well with other piggies. Its short, smooth coat makes it easy to take of, particularly for children. Hairless guineas can be spotted a mile away.

Which guinea pig gets the biggest?

The award for the biggest guinea pig breed goes to the Rex guinea pig, which can grow up to 17 inches (43 cm) at maturity! To date, no other modern guinea pig breed even comes close to the Rex guinea pig’s incredible adult length!

What is the prettiest guinea pig?

13 Adorable Guinea Pig Breeds You Should Know

  • Abyssinian Guinea Pig. svehlikGetty Images.
  • American Guinea Pig. Matt CareyGetty Images.
  • Coronet Guinea Pig. yykkaaGetty Images.
  • Lunkarya Guinea Pig. alieshiaGetty Images.
  • Merino Guinea Pig.
  • Peruvian Guinea Pig.
  • Rex Guinea Pig.
  • Silkie (a.k.a. Sheltie) Guinea Pig.

Is there a blue guinea pig?

Black Guinea Pig This color is called blue or blue-black.