Are Kentucky criminal records public?

Are Kentucky criminal records public?

Criminal records are government documents and are therefore accessible by the public. Kentucky put the Open Records Act into place in the 1970s to allow full disclosure of government records concerning citizens. You can request a criminal record through any local government agency that has them because of this act.

Are family court proceedings private?

What are private law proceedings? Proceedings means a court case. Private law means a court case that is just between family members, such as parents or other relatives – and which doesn’t involve a Local Authority or other State agency.

What do family courts deal with?

The Family Court and Family Division deal with all kinds of legal disputes to do with children and the breakdown of relationships. Most seriously, the Family Court will deal with cases where the government (local councils, in practice) intervenes in a family to protect children from harm.

What is the population of Hardin County Kentucky?

Established in 1792, Hardin County currently has a population of 108,071. The county seat and largest city is Elizabethtown. Hardin County resides in District 9 of 60. The following courts are located in Hardin County, Kentucky. This may not be a comprehensive list.

How to find court records in the state of Kentucky?

Submit this records request form to [email protected] or call 502-564-1710. The case and locator numbers must be provided as these records cannot be searched by only name and/or SS#. You can request the case and locator numbers from the Office of Circuit Court Clerk in the county where the case was handled.

When did Family Court start in Kentucky?

Status Offenses (runaways, truancy, beyond control) Kentucky launched an innovative and ambitious project when Jefferson County began a Family Court pilot program in 1991. It was the first such court in the state to focus solely on the needs of families and children.

When do circuit court clerk services transition to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet?

Those services are transitioning from all 120 Offices of Circuit Court Clerk to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s regional offices by June 30, 2022. To learn what to do in your county, please visit our Driver’s Licensing page.