Are Henselite bowls made out of wood?

Are Henselite bowls made out of wood?

The Henselite company was started in 1918 by William D. Hensell. In a time when all bowls were made of wood, William came to an arrangement with the Dunlop Rubber Co. and in partnership they developed the world’s first rubber bowls.

Who makes Henselite bowls?

Henselite is the only trusted and innovative Australian lawn bowls manufacturer with over 80 years of experience. Henselite is an Australian owned company and all our lawn bowls are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

What are Henselite bowls made from?

As a result, the “Henselite” name was born in 1930 – a combination of its founders – ‘Hensell” – and the material – “Bakelite”. The company swapped all bowls production from rubber to the new phenolic material.

Do lawn bowls go out of date?

No, bowls do not have an expiry date. As long as there is no visible damage they should be fine to use regardless of age. Bowls do need to be “stamped” every couple of years if you want to compete at a high level. The stamp shows the bowls have been tested to a high standard and can be used in competitive games.

Are Almark bowls any good?

Almark bowls are a highly popular brand in the UK, often favoured by beginners and those who appreciate real value for money. Almark give you excellent performance and many years of enjoyment whether you play indoors, outdoors or combine both.

Do lawn bowls expire?

What is Z scoop?

The revolutionary Z Scoop® grip will make the bowl feel smaller in the hand as the grip sits in the bowl rather than around the bowl. This unique feature means that bowlers can now go up half a size, and ONLY Aero make a full range of half sizes.

What is Henselite super grip?

In 1959, Henselite introduced an improved powder compound with a ‘Super Grip’ additive, designed to give the polymer bowl a better feel in the hand and provide bowlers with a better grip on the bowl. Also, before 1960, Henselite bowls were not machined with a dimple grip. Bowls with ‘Super Grip’ were called the Henselite Championship model.

Are Henselite bowls made with Dimple grip?

Also, before 1960, Henselite bowls were not machined with a dimple grip. Bowls with ‘Super Grip’ were called the Henselite Championship model. The additive has remained a feature of all subsequent models.

What’s new at Henselite UK?

Henselite UK are delighted to announce the imminent arrival of a BRAND NEW model to the Henselite UK bowls range. The Tiger TX is now the narrowest drawing bowl in the Henselite UK bowls range and could be described as holding a tight line. A draw line just inside the Tiger II that offers a steady controlled finish.

When did the Henselite deluxe Bowl come out?

In the late 1960’s there was popular demand for a gripped bowl with many bowlers after a firmer, more reliable grip on the bowl. Henselite brought out the Deluxe bowl the first Henselite bowl with a dimple grip. This grip feature continued to be extremely popular and today it appears on approximately 90% of bowls produced.