Are Brooks leather saddles comfortable?

Are Brooks leather saddles comfortable?

Is it comfortable? Surprisingly, it is comfortable because it is so hard. Instead of filling all your crevices with gel pads, which effectively give many more points of friction and cause saddle sores, the Brooks saddles are effectively a very stiff hammock hung from each end.

Where are Brooks saddles based?

Brooks England is a bicycle saddle manufacturer originally based in Smethwick, West Midlands, England and now owned by Selle Royal of Italy. It has been making leather goods since 1866, when it was founded in Hockley, Birmingham.

Are Brooks seats worth it?

Brooks saddles are worth it. I have always liked leather saddles. I find the reason for their comfort is that your bum can slide around on them much better than plastic saddles. Cushioning of plastic saddles actually makes them uncomfortable on longer rides.

Why choose Brooks leather saddles?

Handcrafted from premium vegetable tanned leather, each Brooks leather saddle is naturally comfortable, and supple enough to mould to each rider’s body shape. They provide lifelong comfort and durability and a truly natural approach to well-being for cyclists. For Boundless Journeys. Natural Leather in a Special Design. For Boundless Journeys.

Where are Brooks Saddles made?

This Brooks saddle is made in England, as all Brooks saddles are, a country renowned for its love of bicycles. As a result, it also relies on the traditional techniques that it has always used, for almost a century now, but also on high-quality materials, which are necessary when dealing with such a product, after all.

Is the Brooks saddle B17 narrow a touring bag?

TOURING BAG ACCESSIBLE- The seat bag loop in the back is a perfect match for Brooks English style touring bags. Create your FREE Amazon Business account to save up to 10% with Business-only prices and free shipping. Brooks Saddle B17 Narrow was first featured in the 1910 catalogue.

Do Brooks Saddles break in over time?

The whole idea of a saddle, especially a Brooks saddle, is to find one that is comfortable from the very start. For example, Brooks leather saddles can break in over a couple of uses, but the change won’t be significant, some argue, which is why it is so important that your choice of a saddle is comfortable from the get-go.