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DJ Ford Foster in the mix, representing London based label Bad Mums.

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Monday, 07 November 2011 10:24

Cassy Featured

Written by  Elie Eidelman
'Going out was really about music for me. I hardly knew anyone, I hardly drank, I didn't do any drugs, I was just into the music, dancing and watching the djs'. Cassy featured all week.

Living In Between

You have been affiliated with Berlin for many years, but now you live elsewhere. In a time when more and more people move to this city, why did you decide to move away?

I lived in Berlin for almost 8 years. I think it's enough... I never planned on staying in Berlin forever. The rent is cheaper than elsewhere, this of course is a very tempting factor for staying in Berlin but the world is big, there are so many places to look at and live in. Berlin is special and will always remain one of my favorite cities. I might come back, you never know. For now I have to live in another country and feel a different energy around me. I wanted to live in a place where the food is amazing and there's more life in the street, more energy. So that's what I am doing now. At the moment I live in between Vienna and Paris and will move to Paris fully next year.

Now that you're touring the world on such a regular basis, do you think this has an influence on your sound?

Of course and I hope so. The most important thing for an artist to have, besides talent and willpower, is influence and inspiration. You see other dancefloors, feel other energy on the dancefloor, and get to know different habits and customs.

Have you been spending much time in the studio lately? Can we expect a full length Cassy album?

Hardly any at all. I don't have a studio at the moment because I travel too much and don't live anywhere properly. In addition to that I use analog equipment, so it's really difficult for me to find a way of where and when. I've had different offers from people lending me their studios and I will take a time out soon to make music.

Going back to the very start, was there a moment that made you want to become a dj?

I've never been able to remember a specific moment, but actually there was one. I remembered it only recently. It was in South Africa a long long time ago. I was visiting a friend and stayed in Capetown for five weeks and I was going out a lot. The House scene was very strong there at that time. I remember listening to Armand Van Helden's Professional Widow Remix all the time and going out non stop. But going out was really about music for me. I hardly knew anyone, I hardly drank, I didn't do any drugs, I was just into the music, dancing and watching the djs. I was obsessed... It was after I had finished my drama training. I remember coming home after a party and telling my friend: Fuck it, I'm not going to be an actress, I'm going to be a dj!

Was it House and Techno music from day one?

I've been listening to everything all the time in general. With dance music, I was into a lot of Downbeat music, Drum & Bass and House in the beginning of the 90's. Techno came later. Techno parties were cooler, with cooler locations and less emphasis on show but more on music. At some point, I preferred going to Techno parties.

You run your own label but are keeping it very small and personal.  Are there any plans to take it further or to create another brand?

I will take it further and release more music...

What's next for Cassy release wise and when can we hear you rock Berlin in the near future?

I just played there and I'm going to play at Panorama Bar once a month. The next time will be for my birthday on November 13th.

Taken from SLIM Mag November Issue

Artist of the Week: Cassy will air Tuesday November 8th at 18:00, with repeats Wednesday at 12:00, and Saturday at 10:00.

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